Adidas Karate Gi im Test: Alles was du wissen musst

Als Karateka ist es wichtig, eine geeignete Karate-Gi zu besitzen, die sowohl qualitativ hochwertig als auch bequem ist. In diesem Test sollen wir den Adidas Karate Gi unter die Lupe nehmen und alle wichtigen Information bereitstellen.


Der Adidas Karate Gi ist aus 100% Baumwolle gefertigt. Das Material ist sehr robust und widerstandsfähig, so dass der Gi sogar bei den meisten Wettkämpfen verwendet werden kann.


Das Design des Adidas Karate Gi ist sehr schlicht und minimalistisch. Der Gi ist in Weiß erhältlich und hat das Adidas-Logo auf der linken Brust und auf der Hose. Durch das schlichte Design hebt sich der Karateka nicht so sehr von den anderen ab, was einige bevorzugen.


Die Passform des Adidas Karate Gi ist sehr angenehm und durch das weiche Baumwoll-Material fühlt sich der Gi sehr natürlich und bequem an. Die Hose verfügt über einen Gummibund, der eine individuelle Anpassung der Größe ermöglicht. Die Ärmel und Hosenbeine sind lang genug, damit sie beim Training nicht hochrutschen.


Der Adidas Karate Gi ist in verschiedenen Größen erhältlich, so dass jeder Karateka eine geeignete Größe finden kann. Die Größen reichen von 130 cm bis 200 cm, so dass sowohl Kinder als auch Erwachsene einen passenden Gi finden können.


Der Preis des Adidas Karate Gi ist im mittleren Preissegment und beträgt etwa zwischen 40 € und 60 €, je nach Größe und Händler. Der Preis ist angemessen, da die Qualität und die Passform des Gi sehr gut sind.


Der Adidas Karate Gi ist eine gute Wahl für jeden Karateka, der eine robuste, bequeme und qualitativ hochwertige Gi sucht. Das schlichte Design ist klassisch und passt zu jedem Karateka. Der Preis ist angemessen und spiegelt die Qualität des Gi wieder. Deshalb empfehle ich jedem Karateka, der nach einem guten Gi sucht, den Adidas Karate Gi zu kaufen.

Adidas Karate Gi im Test: Alles was du wissen musst

If you’re a karate practitioner, then a karate gi must be a crucial piece of equipment in your martial arts gear. A gi not only provides comfort, durability, and style but also gives the practitioner a sense of familiarity with the sport. Adidas is one respected manufacturer known for producing quality karate gis. Adidas is a company that produces karate equipment that are well known, but their karate gis have become famous for their exceptional quality across the globe. In this article, we’ll do a thorough Adidas Karate Gi test and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about them.

What is a Karate Gi?

Before we go into the Adidas Karate Gi review, let’s first define what a karate gi is. A Karate Gi is a traditional uniform worn by martial arts practitioners in karate or any other grappling-based martial arts sport. A karate gi consists of three pieces of clothing: the jacket, the pants, and the belt.

Why is it important to have a good karate gi?

Investing in a good karate gi is essential for your practice, not only do they make you look like a serious karateka, but also provide comfort, breathability, and durability. A good quality gi can feel comfortable and practical to wear, allowing you to move with ease and have more enjoyable martial arts training. Also, during training, you may sweat a lot, so having a moisture-wicking and breathable gi can help you feel more comfortable and less restricted.

What Makes the Adidas Karate Gi Stand Out?

The Adidas Karate Gi is made from high-quality materials and has several features that make it different from other karate gis. It features a traditional Japanese cut, which is smaller than a traditional western cut that allows more freedom of movement, and the fabric is lightweight and breathable. The Adidas Karate Gi is also incredibly durable, and with proper care, it can last you years of regular training.

One of the outstanding features of the Adidas Karate Gi is the climacool technology, which provides ventilation and moisture management. This technology ensures that you remain cool, comfortable, and dry, even during the longest and most challenging karate training sessions. The Adidas Karate Gi also has ribbed and elasticated areas, which provide some flexibility without losing its fit, and its pants feature a drawstring and a ten-cm waistband for added comfort.

How to Choose the Right Size?

Choosing the right Adidas Karate Gi size is incredibly important to ensure the gi does not affect your movement during training. Adidas Karate Gis come in a range of sizes, so it’s essential to measure yourself correctly and use the size chart provided by Adidas to choose the right fit. To measure yourself for a karate gi, take the following measurements:

1. Height – Stand against a wall with your bare feet together and measure from the floor to the top of your head.
2. Chest – Measure around the fullest part of your chest, under your armpits and across your shoulder blades.
3. Waist – Measure around your natural waistline.
4. Hips – Measure around the widest part of your hips.

Once you have your measurements, refer to the Adidas Karate Gi size chart to choose the size that fits you perfectly.

How to Care for Your Adidas Karate Gi?

To maintain your Adidas Karate Gi’s quality and ensure a long lifespan, you must take good care of it. First and foremost, always follow the care instructions on the gi’s label. After every training session, hang your gi to dry and never put a wet gi in a bag as this can cause unpleasant odors and mildew.

Wash your gi separately from any other clothing, preferably on a cold or warm cycle to avoid extreme shrinkage, and use minimal detergent to preserve the color and fabric. Never use bleach on your gi, as it can damage the fabric’s fibers and weaken the gi’s strength.

What is the Price Range of Adidas Karate Gis?

The Adidas Karate Gi price range varies depending on the series, the quality, and the type of fabric used. The price can range from $35 to $220. The lower-priced gis typically have a single layer of fabric and no significant brand features, while the premium Adidas Karate Gis feature unique technology and design, and it is priced higher.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Adidas Karate Gis are an exceptional choice for karate practitioners of all levels. They offer incredible comfort, durability, and flexibility; it’s no wonder why they have become popular around the world.

When choosing the right Adidas Karate Gi, ensure you take note of the size, the fabric, the design, and features that meet your needs and preferences. Always ensure a good level of care for your gi, and it will last you for years. We hope this Adidas Karate Gi test article has provided you with helpful information and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about this well-known karate gi brand.

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