What is Cobra Kai in Karate Kid?

The Karate Kid is one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time, with its timeless message of perseverance and determination. Among the memorable characters featured in the movies is the Cobra Kai, a ruthless karate dojo led by Sensei John Kreese.

In 2018, the Karate Kid franchise was revitalized with the release of the Cobra Kai TV series, which was produced by YouTube Red and later acquired by Netflix. The series picks up decades after the events of the original movies and explores the lives of two of the most memorable characters from the franchise: Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

In the series, Cobra Kai is still around, and it once again becomes a major plot point. However, some fans who have not seen the series might be wondering: what exactly is Cobra Kai in Karate Kid?

The Origins of Cobra Kai in Karate Kid

Cobra Kai was originally introduced in the first Karate Kid movie, released in 1984. The dojo was founded by Sensei John Kreese, an ex-Special Forces soldier and martial arts expert. In the movie, Kreese trains a group of young karate students, including Johnny Lawrence, with an aggressive style that emphasizes dirty tactics and physical brutality.

Under Kreese’s guidance, Cobra Kai becomes one of the most successful dojos in the All Valley Karate Tournament. In the movie, Daniel LaRusso, the protagonist, faces off against Johnny Lawrence in the tournament’s final match. The two engage in a brutal battle, with Johnny ultimately losing to Daniel.

Kreese, unable to accept the defeat, becomes violent and attacks Johnny. Mr. Miyagi, Daniel’s mentor, intervenes and defeats Kreese in a fight.

Cobra Kai in the Cobra Kai TV Series

Cobra Kai is once again one of the main plot points in the Cobra Kai TV series. The series picks up decades after the events of the original movies and follows the lives of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

At the start of the series, Johnny is a middle-aged man struggling to make ends meet. He is still bitter about his defeat by Daniel and still blames him for his own failures in life.

In a bid to turn his life around, Johnny decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo. He starts to train a new generation of students, using the same aggressive tactics and dirty moves that Kreese instilled in him all those years ago.

However, the series also explores Johnny’s own evolution as a character. As he begins to reconnect with his old life and confront his demons, Johnny starts to question the morality of the Cobra Kai doctrine.

Meanwhile, Daniel LaRusso, now a successful entrepreneur, is also dealing with his own demons. He is still haunted by his past and struggling to balance his personal life with his professional ambitions.

As the series progresses, Daniel and Johnny’s lives become more intertwined, and the rivalry between them starts to heat up once again. The new generation of Cobra Kai students, led by Johnny’s protégé Miguel, becomes embroiled in a bitter feud with Daniel’s students, which comes to a head in the All Valley Karate Tournament.

What is Cobra Kai in Karate Kid?

Cobra Kai FAQ:

Cobra Kai is the famous dojo from the famous movie and television series, Karate Kid. The series was a blockbuster hit and has grabbed the attention of viewers around the world. As the popularity of the series grew, the number of questions about the Cobra Kai increased. Therefore, in this blog, we have compiled the most frequent asked questions about the Cobra Kai.

What is the Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai is a martial arts dojo that has been featured in several Karate Kid movies and the Cobra Kai series. The dojo is known for its aggressive and unorthodox approach to training karate. In the series, it is the main rival dojo of the Miyagi-Do karate dojo.

Who is the founder of the Cobra Kai?

The Cobra Kai dojo was founded by John Kreese and Terry Silver, who were both Vietnam War veterans. In the Karate Kid Part III film, Terry Silver helped Kreese take revenge on Mr. Miyagi and Daniel by starting another Cobra Kai dojo.

Who are the main characters in Cobra Kai?

The main characters of Cobra Kai include Johnny Lawrence, who was the antagonist in the original Karate Kid movie, and his students, including Miguel Diaz, Eli Moskowitz (Hawk), Aisha Robinson, and Demetri.

What is the philosophy of Cobra Kai?

The philosophy of Cobra Kai is to be ruthless and seek power, with little to no mercy for their opponents. This is shown in the famous line from the movie, „Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.“ The dojo teaches karate as a tool for winning fights and gaining dominance over others.

What is the relationship between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do?

In the Karate Kid series, the rivalry between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do has been a central plot point since the beginning. Miyagi-Do is a more traditional style of karate, focusing on discipline, respect, and self-defense. The rivalry between Johnny and Daniel, the leaders of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do respectively, fuel the conflicts in both the movies and series.

What is the Cobra Kai series about?

The Cobra Kai series is a continuation of the Karate Kid series, with Johnny Lawrence as the main character. The series follows Johnny as he reopens the Cobra Kai dojo and begins to teach a new generation of students. However, as his students‘ success grows, he must also confront the demons of his past.

Is Cobra Kai worth watching?

If you are a fan of the Karate Kid franchise, then Cobra Kai is a must-watch. The show combines nostalgia with new conflicts, giving the audience a fresh perspective on the characters and story. Additionally, the show is well-written and acted, making it entertaining for both newcomers and long-time fans.

What is Cobra Kai in Karate Kid?

If you are a fan of the Karate Kid movies, you may have heard of the Cobra Kai dojo. It is a karate school that was first introduced in the 1984 movie, and it became a major part of the storyline for subsequent movies and TV shows. In this blog post, we’ll go over what Cobra Kai is and what it represents in the Karate Kid universe.

Step 1: Understanding the Origins of Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai was first introduced in the 1984 Karate Kid movie as the rival dojo to Mr. Miyagi’s own karate school. The sensei of Cobra Kai, John Kreese, is an ex-Vietnam War veteran who teaches his students that winning is everything, no matter the consequences. His teachings embody the philosophy of „strike first, strike hard, no mercy.“

The character of John Kreese was inspired by a real-life karate instructor named Robert Mark Kamen, who was one of the writers of the original Karate Kid movie. Kamen studied Tang Soo Do karate under Chuck Norris, and he based the character of Kreese on his experiences.

Step 2: Cobra Kai in the Karate Kid Sequels

Cobra Kai became a major part of the Karate Kid franchise, appearing in three sequels: The Karate Kid Part II, The Karate Kid Part III and The Next Karate Kid. In these movies, the character of John Kreese was still the sensei of Cobra Kai, and he continued to hold his aggressive teaching style.

In The Karate Kid Part III, Kreese joins forces with a friend named Terry Silver to exact revenge on Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi. They even create a new student in their image, named Mike Barnes, who is a more ruthless version of Johnny Lawrence, the primary antagonist in the original movie.

Step 3: Cobra Kai in the Modern Era

In 2018, a new TV series called Cobra Kai was released on YouTube Premium, which re-examines the Karate Kid story from the perspective of Johnny Lawrence. The series takes place 34 years after the events of the original movie, and follows Johnny as he reopens the Cobra Kai dojo and takes on a new student named Miguel Diaz.

The series presents a more nuanced view of the Cobra Kai philosophy, showing how it can be used for good or evil depending on the person using it. It also explores the aftermath of the original Karate Kid story, and how the events of that movie affected the characters involved.

Step 4: The Legacy of Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai has become a pop culture phenomenon, and has even spawned its own merchandise and fanbase. The show has been praised for its character development and exploration of complex themes, while still paying tribute to the original Karate Kid story.

Today, Cobra Kai represents more than just a karate school in a movie. It is a symbol of perseverance, redemption and the ability to overcome your demons. Fans of the show can relate to the struggles of the characters, as they strive to find balance in their lives while still embracing their love of karate.


Cobra Kai was first introduced in the Karate Kid movie as a rival dojo to Mr. Miyagi’s karate school, but it has evolved into something much more. The character of John Kreese embodied an aggressive and competitive teaching style, which still holds true to this day. The Cobra Kai franchise has continued for decades, re-examining the original Karate Kid story from different perspectives and exploring complex themes. Today, Cobra Kai has become a symbol of perseverance, redemption and the ability to overcome your demons.

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