What is Karate Called in French?

Karate is a popular martial art that originated in Okinawa, Japan, in the early 20th century. It is now practiced around the world, with millions of people learning and practicing karate as a sport, for self-defense, or as a way of life.

Like many other words in the English language, karate is a loanword from Japanese. In French, however, the word for karate is different. In this blog post, we’ll explore what karate is called in French and how the martial art has been received in French-speaking countries.

What is Karate?

Before we dive into what karate is called in French, let’s take a closer look at the martial art itself. Karate is a striking-based martial art that emphasizes self-defense, discipline, and physical fitness. It involves various techniques, including punches, kicks, and knee and elbow strikes.

Karate is often practiced in a dojo, which is a training hall. Practitioners wear a gi, a traditional uniform consisting of a jacket and loose pants, and a colored belt that indicates their rank.

What is Karate Called in French?

In French, karate is called “karaté.” The word is pronounced kah-rah-tey, with the stress on the second syllable. The accent aigu (é) on the final syllable indicates that it is pronounced as a separate syllable and not as a silent “e.”

The word karaté is actually a loanword from Japanese, much like its English counterpart. In Japanese, karate is written as 空手, which literally means “empty hand.” The word reflects the fact that karate emphasizes using techniques that do not rely on weapons.

Karate in French-Speaking Countries

Karate has been practiced in French-speaking countries for decades. In fact, many French karatekas have achieved worldwide recognition in the sport. However, the reception of karate in these countries has not always been smooth.

One of the major challenges for karate in French-speaking countries has been its classification. In France, for example, karate was classified as a dangerous sport in the 1970s, which made it difficult for practitioners to obtain insurance and rent training venues.

However, karate has since gained more acceptance and recognition in French-speaking countries. Today, there are several federations and associations dedicated to promoting and regulating the sport, including the Fédération Française de Karaté (French Karate Federation).

The Benefits of Learning Karate in French

Learning karate in French can be a rewarding experience for several reasons. For one, it allows you to learn a new language while also learning a new skill. Additionally, learning karate can have several benefits for your physical and mental well-being.

Physically, karate can help improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination. It can also provide a cardiovascular workout, which can help improve your overall fitness. Mentally, learning karate can improve your focus, concentration, and self-discipline. It can also be a great stress reliever and help boost your self-confidence.

What Is Karate Called in French?

Karate is a Japanese martial art that was developed in the Ryukyu Islands, which is now known as Okinawa, Japan. It is famous for its fast and powerful strikes, punches, kicks, and blocks. Today, karate has become a popular sport in many countries around the world. Suppose you are traveling to France and want to participate in or watch a karate competition. In that case, you might wonder what karate is called in French. This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about karate in French.

What Is Karate in French?

Karate is called „karaté“ in French. The word „karaté“ is written and pronounced the same as in Japanese. As one of the most popular martial arts in the world, karate has a global vocabulary that has remained consistent.

What is Karate Competition Called in French?

If you are interested in watching or participating in a karate competition in French, it is typically called „compétition de karaté.“ This is a direct translation of „karate competition“ into French, so it is easy to understand and remember.

What is the History of Karate in France?

Karate first came to France in the 1950s when Japanese karateka, or karate practitioners, began teaching the art to French students. However, it was not until the 1960s and 1970s that karate began to gain a foothold in France, mainly due to the popularity of karate films and the opening of the French Karate Federation.

Today, karate is a renowned martial art in France, with over 150,000 licensed practitioners from both traditional and modern styles. The French Karate Federation is a member of the World Karate Federation and the European Karate Federation, and it organizes tournaments and competitions throughout the year.

What Is the French Karate Federation?

The French Karate Federation (FKF) or called „Fédération française de karaté et arts martiaux affinitaires“ in French, is the national governing body for karate in France. It was established in 1975, and its main objective is to oversee the development of karate and martial arts in France. The federation is responsible for organizing competitions, events, and creating policies and regulations to ensure fair and safe competition.

The FKF offers a range of traditional and modern karate styles, including Shotokan, Shito-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Kyokushin, and Wado-Ryu. The federation also recognizes other martial arts such as Tai Chi, Kendo, Wu Shu, and Krav Maga as affiliated martial arts.

What are the Popular Karate Styles in France?

Karate has different styles, and the popularity of these styles varies in different countries, including France. Here are some of the most popular karate styles in France:

– Shotokan: This is one of the most popular karate styles in the world, including France. It is characterized by strong stances and techniques that emphasize power and speed.

– Shito-Ryu: This style combines traditional karate techniques with ancient Chinese martial arts. It prioritizes the use of balance, breathing, and rhythm to deliver powerful strikes.

– Goju-Ryu: This style incorporates both hard and soft techniques, emphasizing breathing and body movements to deliver powerful strikes and blocks.

– Kyokushin: This is a full-contact style that is known for its rigorous training and tough physical conditioning. It emphasizes strong low kicks and body punches.

– Wado-Ryu: This style incorporates elements of karate and Jujitsu. It focuses on body shifting, evasion, and mobility to deliver quick and devastating strikes.

How to say karate in French

Learning a new language is always an enriching experience. If you are a karate practitioner and want to expand your knowledge on this martial art, it may be useful to know how to say karate in French. In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to say karate in French, including some interesting facts about the French language and karate itself.

Step 1: Understand the French language

Before we get into the specifics of how to say karate in French, it is important to have a basic understanding of the French language. French is a Romance language, meaning it descended from Latin, just like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian. French is also an official language in 29 countries, including France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and many countries in Africa.

One of the distinctive features of the French language is that it has many silent letters and nuances that can be tricky for non-native speakers. However, don’t let that discourage you! With a little practice, you can master the basics of this beautiful language.

Step 2: Learn the word for karate in French

Now that you have a basic understanding of French let’s get to the main point of this blog post. To say karate in French, you would use the word „karaté“. That’s right, just like in English, the French language also uses the same word for karate.

However, when you are speaking French, keep in mind that the word karaté has a different pronunciation than in English. The last syllable „te“ in karaté is pronounced like „tay“ and not like „tee“. Also, the accent in the word falls on the last syllable.

Step 3: Additional information about karate in French

Karate is a sport and martial art that originated in Okinawa, Japan, in the 19th century. The word karate means „empty hand“ in Japanese, and it refers to a style of self-defense that focuses on striking techniques, kicks, and blocks. Karate has become a popular sport worldwide, with millions of practitioners who train for fitness, self-defense, and competition.

In France, karate is a popular martial art, and it has its own federation: the Fédération Française de Karaté et Disciplines Associées (French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines). The federation was founded in 1975, and it is responsible for promoting and developing karate in France. The federation has over 200,000 members and offers a variety of programs for different age groups and skill levels.


Learning how to say karate in French is a fun and practical way to expand your language skills and your knowledge about the martial art. Remember to pronounce karate with a French accent, and practice saying it out loud to get comfortable with the sound. With these tips and a bit of practice, you will be able to impress your French-speaking friends with your knowledge of karaté.

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